3 Remedies to Help Your Teething Baby

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Teething is a common occurrence among babies, especially babies between 4-7 months of age. During the teething stage, your child’s baby teeth will grow into the mouth. As this happens, your baby may feel a bit fussy, restless, and irritable, which is completely normal, but it’s tough as a parent to sit and watch your child suffer. So, to help you help your child, we recommend doing the following things:

• Rub the gums with a clean finger. This is similar to a massaging technique and it will help your baby feel better.

• Give your baby a cool spoon to suck on. This spoon will be like a little ice pack that chills and soothes the gums, just like an ice pack would soothe and comfort sore and tense muscles.

• Give your child a teething ring to chew on. This little toy will strengthen your child’s gums and will help the teeth grow into place.

These three remedies will help comfort your teething baby, and your child will feel better before you know it. Generally, the bottom teeth will grow in first and the upper teeth will grow in about 1-2 months after. Now remember, once your child’s first tooth grows into place, bring them into our office for their first checkup.

If you would like additional tips and details, call our office today and talk to a member of our dental team. We are happy to help you!