A Removable Partial Denture Can Help to Replace the Basic Function of Missing Teeth

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Severe dental trauma, chronic periodontal disease, and untreated cavities can sometimes cause the loss of multiple teeth in one part of the mouth. When this happens there might not be sufficient structure remaining in the root of the teeth for Dr. Michael P. Gaudio to treat and restore the tooth with a root canal.

In a case like this he might recommend extracting whatever remains of the roots from your gums. This will allow the area to heal. If necessary Dr. Michael P. Gaudio might provide you with a prescription for a course of antibiotics and pain medication.

Once your gums have completely healed Dr. Michael P. Gaudio can help you understand your options for restoring or replacing the basic function of your missing teeth. One of the more popular methods is to fit you for a removable partial denture.

It is a simple, yet sophisticated dental appliance that will be designed to replicate the missing teeth in that location of your mouth. They will be set into a pink material that mimics the appearance of your gums. Many partial dentures also include metal hardware that interlocks with the neighboring teeth.

To fit you for the partial denture our dental technicians will prepare an impression of the area. This includes the shape of your underlying gum structure, the neighboring teeth, and the matching teeth in your unique bite pattern. It will be sent to a dental lab where technicians will create your partial denture.

While it will fit tightly in place on its own you might want to also use a little a little denture adhesive to lock the partial denture in place. This will give you extra hold while also helping to block out food material from working into the base of the gums.

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