Repair Chipped Teeth with Crowns

The outer layer of each one of your teeth is made from a very durable material called enamel. Even though tooth enamel is very hard, it is possible for a hard fall or blow to the face to chip the enamel on one of the teeth in your smile. This is even more likely if you have a bad habit... read more »

The Reasons Behind a Darkening Smile

If you’re one who looks at your dull, darkening smile and wonders why the whiteness tends to disappear, our Michael P. Gaudio, D.M.D. team is more than happy to tell you why. There are things in the world that can take the beauty and brightness away from your smile, and those things are: -Drinks: There are many beverages that can... read more »

Which Type of Floss is Best for Me?

Forming proper oral hygiene habits is very important to the health of your smile. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss once a day to care for your smile. When choosing dental floss, select the type that you enjoy using the most. There are perks to every type of dental floss, so just use the type that... read more »

Remember Your Oral Care With These Five Dental Tips!

Keeping up with your oral care is important to your health. However, many people do not realize the common habits that can harm your teeth and damage your oral care. Here are five dental tips to help keep your smile in healthy and beautiful health. The five dental tips include: 1. Teeth are not tools: Many people use their teeth... read more »

What Stains A Smile?

Everyone knows that a bright, white smile looks young, beautiful, and healthy. However, some people may not know what causes stains to develop that dull or yellow tooth color. You want your smile to look its best, so try avoiding some of the following items which can darken your pearly whites: Food & Drink: Beverages like coffee, tea, and red... read more »

Who Is at Risk for Sleep Apnea

Do you know what sleep apnea is? Essentially, the most common type of sleep apnea occurs when your airway is obstructed while you sleep. This obstruction can be caused by your tongue or sagging muscles in your throat.  In fact, a person who suffers from sleep apnea may unknowingly wake up more than 100 times a night. If not addressed,... read more »

3 Remedies to Help Your Teething Baby

Teething is a common occurrence among babies, especially babies between 4-7 months of age. During the teething stage, your child’s baby teeth will grow into the mouth. As this happens, your baby may feel a bit fussy, restless, and irritable, which is completely normal, but it’s tough as a parent to sit and watch your child suffer. So, to help... read more »

Bridging Your Smile Gap

Choosing to replace your missing teeth might be a difficult and overwhelming decision to make, especially because there are multiple tooth-replacement options available in the world today. But we are here to help you by telling you all about the successful, reliable, and durable dental bridge! A dental bridge is a great restoration that fills the gap between your teeth... read more »