The Reasons Behind a Darkening Smile

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If you’re one who looks at your dull, darkening smile and wonders why the whiteness tends to disappear, our Michael P. Gaudio, D.M.D. team is more than happy to tell you why. There are things in the world that can take the beauty and brightness away from your smile, and those things are:

-Drinks: There are many beverages that can change the color of your teeth, and some of those beverages are coffee, tea, and red wine. These drinks have two things in common: They have intense color pigments called chromogens, which are the cause of your tooth discoloration.

-Tobacco Use: Tobacco products are major culprits for tooth stains. Tar and nicotine, which are the two chemicals found in the products, stain the surfaces of your teeth and turn your smile yellow. It’s best to avoid tobacco at all costs.

-Age: Throughout time, your teeth begin to wear down. As your teeth’s enamel wears away, the yellowish area underneath the enamel starts to show. This area is called dentin. The more your enamel disappears, the yellower your smile will be.

-Trauma: Trauma can cause a yellowing smile because when the teeth are injured, they tend to protect themselves by growing additional dentin. This will cause a dull appearance.

-Medications: Many medications cause tooth discoloration, like antihistamines, antipsychotics, high blood pressure medications, antibiotics (like tetracycline and doxycycline), chemotherapy, and radiation.

If one or more of these things have taken the beauty away from your pearly whites, Dr. Michael P. Gaudio and our team encourage you to call 203-265-3355 today and schedule a teeth-whitening appointment. Teeth whitening in Wallingford, Connecticut, is a great treatment that will give you beautiful smile results once again. Your dentist looks forward to helping you love your smile!