Warning Signs of Cavities

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Cavities are one of the most prevalent oral health issues today. They’re also really easy to prevent, which makes the fact that so many people have them a bit perplexing.

One thing that we know can help you avoid contracting cavities is understanding what causes them. This gives you the chance to look for the warning signs of cavities and get treatment as quickly as possible before the cavities become really big problems.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the common warning signs of cavities:

Spontaneous pain
One of the most common indicators that you have a cavity is spontaneous pain or a lingering toothache that seemingly came from nowhere in one or more teeth. This is an almost sure sign that your tooth has some sort of cavity.

Sensitive teeth
If your teeth start to feel sensitive, especially when you eat something hot or cold, that’s another dead giveaway of a cavity. However, if you have always had sensitive teeth, it’s sometimes hard to differentiate what’s normal for you versus what can be a cavity.

Stained teeth
If you have any random stains that pop up, either brown, black or white in color, that’s another sure sign of a cavity. These stains won’t go away with brushing, and they are a big sign that you should immediately call Dr. Michael P. Gaudio to get that cavity filled.

Understanding the warning signs of cavities is a great way to help prevent them. For more information about how to protect your smile from cavities, or to schedule an appointment with our doctor in Wallingford, Connecticut, call us today at 203-265-3355.